Alcohol and relationships

While alcohol can be enjoyed with friends and family, its effects aren’t always positive for our relationships.

Why does alcohol affect our relationships?

Drinking is a social part of many of people's lives, We often drink with friends, families and loved ones. But drinking too much can change the way we think, behave and react to certain situations. This can have a negative impact on our relationships.

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Alcohol and your children

Almost 65,000 young people each year need treatment in A&E departments due to the effects of alcohol. With statistics like this, it’s understandable that parents and carers are unsure of the right thing to do when it comes to alcohol. Do you forbid your child from drinking until they are 18? Do you have a conversation about responsible drinking at a young age? Or do you moderate your own behaviour to set a good example?

Alcohol can make problems in a relationship worse

Many of us may already know that alcohol can lower our inhibitions and make us feel more relaxed. But it can also make us say or do things we may later come to regret. A social night out could end in an argument, because one or both of you have had a little too much to drink.

How to prevent alcohol causing problems in your relationship

Be alcohol free

You don’t have to drink when you go out. Choose something different to do, a movie or bowling instead of a bar.

Stay in the guidelines

Know how much you drink. Lower your risks of a bad experience by not drinking more than 14 units a week.

Eat before you drink

Eating before drinking lowers the rate your body absorbs alcohol and helps you to stay a little more in control.

Have a sober converstaion

If something’s on your mind, don’t wait until you’ve had a drink to have the conversation. Talk when you’re both sober.