Eating healthily

We are what we eat! Deciding what to eat and drink has a big impact on our overall health and the way we feel. The right food, the right portion sizes and the right balance makes a big difference. If you’re worried about your health now, or how being overweight could affect you in the future, there are many ways to make small changes to your diet and how active you are. There’s no quick or easy fix, but there is lots of help and support.

How can I eat more healthily?

We all do our best with what we’ve got. What do you think is the main thing stopping you eat healthily? Have a look below for some ideas.


Money is tight so I want tips about eating on a budget.

Limited time

Find out how to eat healthily with limited time.

Limited skills

Want to feel more confindent cooking?

Tasty meals my kids will enjoy too

Tips for making tasty meals that kids will eat!

Eating out

Ask your takeaway/local food outlet if they can offer healthy options.

Grow your own / buy local

There's never been a better time to plant a few seeds and join the Incredible revolution. All you need is a bit of the great outdoors and a little time

Top tips

A healthy food plate looks colourful – with a good balance of vegetables, grains and a moderate amount of unsaturated fats, meat and dairy. Having a good variety of these foods every day leaves less room for foods that are high in unsaturated fat and sugar - a leading cause of weight gain.

Eat less salt, less sugar. Colourful mix of vegetables.

Keep a food diary - Many of us don’t realise how much food we eat in a day, as we often pick up snacks without thinking about them. By keeping a food diary throughout the day, you’ll see exactly what you’re eating and when.

You can then see which parts of your diet you should reduce or cut out, and what kind of food swaps you could make for healthier mealtimes.

When you’re focused on losing weight and start dieting, you may want to lose as much weight as you can, as quickly as possible. However, shedding pounds too quickly can be harmful to your health, making you feel tired, unwell or causing other medical problems.

Focus on losing a little amount over a longer period. Crash diets can be dangerous, and are ineffective in the long term. Instead, build habits that will help you keep the weight off long-term.

Shopping well and choosing healthier food and drink choices outside the home (to recognise the reality that many people don’t cook).

The most well-known food bank service, The Trussell Trust, now has over 55 distribution points in Greater Manchester but there are many more food banks as well as membership pantries, food clubs, meal providers and a few pay-as-you-feel and pay-forward places to eat across the city region. Check out this map for foodbanks near you

Veg Box People is helping to build the market for organic veg grown in the NorthWest; sourcing largely from the most local veg growers to Manchester. From Stockport tomatoes and mange tout to Knutsford kale and fennel – this is a truly local box scheme!

Veg Box People connects Manchester residents with some of the freshest most local organic produce around, and by delivering to community ‘hubs’ rather than individual homes it saves on transport, means customers don’t have to wait in for delivery, and keeps the scheme really affordable - currently delivering to the University of Manchester, Work for Change in Hulme and Bridge 5 Mill in Ancoats.

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