Live Life to the Full

We've made a wide range of useful resources available online and totally free of charge for Greater Manchester residents.

Boost your wellbeing, online for free

Living Life To The Full is one of the most used resources for improving feelings, beating stress and boosting ability to live well.

Developed by award-winning expert Dr Chris Williams, It has been proven to positively change people's lives in the UK, Europe and America.

We want as many people as possible from across Greater Manchester to also enjoy these benefits.

So we've made Living Life To The Full easily available, totally free of charge, for all residents.

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Prefer a printed copy?

Living Life to The Full books are also available for free in Greater Manchester libraries.

You can find your nearest library on the Government website.

A taster of what's available

Addressing Low Mood

The most popular course covers how to cope with low mood and stress as well as other common life difficulties.

If you are looking to improve your confidence, sleep better or feel less stress, this is the course for you.

Reclaim your life from illness, pain and disability

Experiencing chronic pain, stiffness, lung or heart problems, tiredness, high-blood pressure, diabetes or any other long-term health condition?

This free course can help you reclaim your life when it feels like illness is taking over.

Courses for parents to be

Enjoy your bump

Helps you plan ways of approaching birth, paying specific attention to how you feel and how to build emotional resilience during pregnancy.

Enjoy your baby

Helps you to strengthen the bond with your newborn baby. Plan a life balance that works for you, your baby and other important family members.

Enjoy your infant

This course will help you teach your child how to start to notice and understand their own emotions as well as build healthy relationships.