Assert yourself

Make sure your opinions and feelings are heard.

Don't worry - you can be assertive without being forceful or rude.

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What does being assertive mean?

  • Letting others know about your feelings, needs, rights and opinions while maintaining respect for other people.
  • Expressing your feelings in a direct, honest and appropriate way.
  • Realising it’s possible to stand up for your rights in such a way that you don’t disregard another person’s rights at the same time.
  • Assertion is not about winning. It's about being able to walk away feeling that you put across what you wanted to say.

How can I apply this to my life?

Respect myself - who I am and what I do.

Recognise my own needs as an individual.

Make clear “I” statement about how I feel and what I think.

Allow myself to make mistakes.

Change my mind, if I choose.

Ask for ‘thinking it over time.’

Allow myself to enjoy my successes.

Ask for what. I want.

Recognise that I am not responsible for the behaviour of other adults.

Respect other people and. expect the. same in return.

Say I don’t understand - when I don’t.

Deal with. others. without being dependent on them for approval.