Understand your feelings

Feelings can be tricky to make sense of. You may sometimes be unsure why you feel like you do.

Understanding how you are feeling, and why, can be key to doing and staying better.

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How are you feeling?

We've teamed up with leading self-help expert and award-winning author Dr Chris Williams to bring you valuable tips and advice.

Follow the simple steps to get a handle on some of the most important issues affecting how you feel and your ability to cope with what life sends your way.

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I'm feeling annoyed

Everyone gets irritable from time to time, and we can all lose our temper. But you can manage anger and irritability positivity.

I'm having panic attacks

Panic attacks can happen suddenly and for no apparent reason. These tips can help you understand, slow and stop your fear or panic.

I'm feeling depressed

Low moods and depression often feel isolating - but you're not alone in feeling this way. Following these steps can make things change for the better.

I'm feeling worried

There is nothing wrong with worry, you may just be doing too much of it. This easy four-step plan can help you fix this.

I'm having negative thoughts

Bad thoughts can cause bad feelings. With a bit of practice, you can spot when your thinking is unhelpful and likely to get you down.

I'm having trouble sleeping

Sleeping problems can be caused by many different things. Find out how to apply routines to help you get back to a better night's sleep.