How active are you?

With so much different information available, it can be difficult to know for sure how much you should be moving. But what counts as activity? It’s simple, if you’re getting a little bit out of breath that counts.

How active do you think you are?

Are you getting your 30 minutes a day? Take our short quiz to find out how you compare to other people, and get ideas for playing your part in getting Greater Manchester moving.

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Little activity

Try moving more…

Our bodies are meant to be active…and your results suggest you’re not yet moving enough to benefit your health and wellbeing.

But don’t worry – there are lots of ways to get active. It doesn’t have to be great feats of endurance, running marathons or pumping iron, you can choose your own moves! It could be dancing around the kitchen, jumping in puddles with the kids, walking the dog or running for the bus. However you move, as long as you move more, it all counts.

Visit our different ways to get moving section for tips and advice.

School run a five minute drive?

Why not make it a 10 minute walk and get the family moving.

Entertaining the kids?

Swap a movie for musical chairs or a walk in the park.

Arranging a catch up with a friend?

Do it on the go, walk and talk rather than sitting down.

About to start to binge watch a boxset?

Break up the episodes with squats and stretches.

Moderate activity

You’re getting there…

Yes! You’re doing enough to count towards Greater Manchester’s goal of having 75% of residents active.

But don’t stop there. The more active you are, the less likely you are to develop serious health conditions, or make existing ones worse. Move a bit more and you could really benefit your health and wellbeing.

Make sure you are fitting 30 minutes of activity into your routine every day – it’s up to you how you build up from what you’re already doing.

Visit our ‘different ways to get moving’ section for tips and advice.

Unlocking the health benefits.

Raising your heart beat for at least 10 minutes, unlocks lots of health benefits

Try a new class with a friend.

From spin to salsa, you can motivate each other to keep going and it's always more fun.

Make sure you get your 30 minutes a day.

By breaking up your 30 minutes activity into 10 minute chunks, will make it easier for you to achieve your daily goal.

How many times each day do you take the lift?

Swap your lift journey for the stairs, both up and down.

Highly active

You’re a GM Mover!

Well done. Your results show you are getting in your 30 minutes of activity each day, moving enough to bring benefits to your health and wellbeing. If you move even more you could increase your rewards. The more active you are, the less likely you are to develop serious health conditions, or make existing ones worse.

But more importantly, don’t decrease what you are doing. For many people, as they go through changes in their lives, it can be all too easy for life to get in the way of the amount of activity they can fit in. Make sure you always get in your 30.

As one of our more active residents, you’re helping Greater Manchester lead the way in moving more. You can really prove yourself as a Greater Manchester Mover by joining the Greater Manchester Moving movement and helping even more people get active.

Find out more at or contact the team at @GMMoving or

Very highly active

It sounds like you are doing lots already - that’s brilliant, keep going!

Have you thought of inspiring your family, friends, work colleagues who may not be as active to join you? It could be encouraging them to go on a walk with you during the working day or joining you at a parkrun at the weekend – did you know there are junior parkruns too!

If you’re thinking about moving more, there's some information to help you on your journey