Inspiring movers of Greater Manchester

Right across Greater Manchester people are getting moving. See the benefits they are getting from their 30 minutes a day.

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Leighs story

Leigh, Trafford

“I'd given up smoking, and then I'd starting running and changed my diet. It all feels so positive now. Next is the marathon, in a couple of months time”.

Gordon, Rochdale

“I enjoy the exercise and I enjoy the company. The mental benefits are superb. I feel like I belong”.

Barbara, Trafford

"When I retired everything seemed to go out of my life. I’ve been coming to the group for about ten months. I began to enjoy life”

Greater Manchester Sports Awards 2018

“I am absolutely proud of you, you are brilliant. I know what you do, week in, week out, the commitment that you make”

If you’re thinking about moving more, there's some information to help you on your journey