Smoking and your family

Smoking doesn’t just impact the smoker – it can affect their whole family. By quitting you are both improving your life and protecting the people you love.

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Losing a loved one

Relatives and friends of smokers often worry about the impact smoking will have their loved one’s health, and with good reason – one in two smokers will die early because of smoking.

Smoking and your children

Smoking can easily damage children’s health and their futures. Children who have parents who smoke are at higher risk of breathing problems, asthma, and allergies. They are also more likely to take up smoking themselves.

It’s not just about the people we love!

Smoking and your pets

Smoking and fire

There are many reasons to quit

Smoking & Cancer

Smoking & Pregnancy

Smoking & Mental Health

Going into Hospital

Ways to quit

Stop smoking aids and support can help you to quit.

With support

Smokers who quit with support from other people, whether trained advisers or family and friends, are more likely to quit successfully.

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Going it alone

Even if you choose not to ask others for support, stop smoking aids can help you deal with cravings when you quit.

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